A list of frequently asked questions and where to find the answers!!

*Question: I applied for the pro-staff program and haven't heard or received anything yet?!

*Answer: First and foremost, please be patient with us! We have noticed that emails from Shopify sometimes go to peoples spam or junk folders. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM AND JUNK FOLDERS!

*Question: Why was I rejected on Shopify to join Pro-Staff?

*Answer: We are running our entire Pro-Staff program through Shopify Collabs. IF you are approved for Pro-Staff program through Collabs, you will have your own personal code that ANYONE can use at checkout to receive a discount, including you. This helps us keep track of who is an effective pro-staff affiliate, it will also allow you to make commission when people use your code through PayPal. IF you are rejected for Pro-Staff program through Collabs, THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE NOT ON PRO-STAFF!! It just means you don't have the following that we are looking for to be an affiliate through Collabs. Again, check your email for approval, and for your discount code, which you will get!!

*Question: What is my discount code?!

*Answer: On our survey it asks "What would you like your code to be?" That will be your code, unless you are turned down through Shopify Collabs, then you will receive an email with your Pro-Staff Code!

Please, if you have any question at all, email Jaron at toadthumperlureco@gmail.com. Again, please be patient and you will receive a reply!